Go Corvallis - About CCEC

The Mission
The mission of the Corvallis Community Events Center Foundation is to bring together diverse resources to provide for members of our community and inspire and motivate them to healthy lifestyles.

Our Beliefs

  • A community working together can inspire and motivate its members toward
    healthy lifestyles.
  • An actively involved Community helps parents raise their children.
  • The exposure of our youth to positive adult role models fosters an
    understanding of community service and good citizenship.
  • Our community members need and deserve high quality, safe facilities for
    practice and performance.
  • Physical activity is an important component to healthy lifestyles.
  • Parental and community involvement elevate student attitudes and
  • Extra- and co-curricular activities including organized sports, the arts,
    science and technology promote responsibility and teamwork which are necessary attributes of a good citizen.
  • All our lives are enriched and strengthened through our commitment to and
    involvement in providing for the neediest members of the community.

Our Story
The Bitterroot Valley of Montana is 95 miles long and up to 30 miles wide. It hosts a population of 36,070, with a 40.6% increase in population since 1990. There are 6 school districts with 7160 children aged 5 to 18. The high schools graduate approximately 600 students per year. The valley population is projected to grow the rate of 1200 people per year. The percentage of the population below the poverty level as noted in the 2000 US census ranges from 12.8 to 40.8%. Corvallis has 34.2 % of its families below the poverty level. Over 45% of students qualify for free or reduced cost school meals.

Corvallis School district serves over 6000 people with a school population of 1400 students. The Corvallis High School has graduated over 600 students in the past 5 years. The previous football field and track and field facilities were developed in the early 1980’s. Over time, the 8 lane track was  reduced to 4 usable lanes. Due to the surface it could only be used for Junior High School track meets. The track was not regulation length and hence no High School meets were held locally and no times from this track were official.

Likewise the football field in the center of the track oval was in serious need of reconstruction. It was not appropriately crowned, lacked an in-ground irrigation system, and the poor grass and potholes contributed to a risk of injury each time it was used. Soccer fields were in similar poor condition, with unpredictable behavior of the ball and significant risk of injury due to the uneven surface.

Before the CCEC project there was no all weather track facility in the Bitterroot Valley. The closest quality track and field facility is in Missoula, MT. Missoula is 15 miles from the nearest valley school and 65 miles from furthest. The Missoula facility is used by all the Missoula Schools and many of the surrounding schools outside the Bitterroot Valley use it as well.

In July of 2001, The Corvallis School Board adopted a goal to establish a long term site plan which included a quality track facility. The Board asked a group of local volunteers to head up the task of raising non-tax funds for this project. Initially these volunteers were members of the Corvallis Schools Boosters Club. Over the next several months, the volunteers in cooperation with the School Board began to plan an athletic complex that would address the needs of the school and possibly other schools in the valley. Approximately 30 acres of school district land were set aside for this project. In order to show progress in incremental stages, the project was divided into two separate phases.